API DocumentationΒΆ

CVXPY is designed to be intuitive enough so that it may be used without consulting an API reference; the tutorials will suffice in acquainting you with our software. Nonetheless, we include here an API reference for those who are comfortable reading technical documentation.

All of the documented classes and functions are imported into the cvxpy namespace; this means that they can be used by simply writing cvxpy.symbol, where symbol is the name of your class or function of choice, so long as you import the cvxpy package in your python source file.

The documentation is grouped five sections: atoms, constraints, expressions, problems, and reductions. The atoms section documents the classes implementing atomic mathematical functions, like exp, log, and sqrt; the constraints section documents the constraints that can be imposed upon variables; the expressions section documents the classes implementing mathematical expression trees, including the Variable and Parameter classes; the problem section documents the Problem class and other related classes; the reductions section documents principled operations that convert problems from a particular form to another equivalent form; and the transforms section documents additional operations available for manipulating CVXPY objects;