We welcome all contributors to CVXPY. You don’t need to be an expert in convex optimization to help out! To get started as a CVXPY developer, install CVXPY from source. Contributions to CVXPY are made through pull requests or feature branches to our Github repository. For project ideas, consult our Github issues page, which lists both bugs and larger feature requests.

When navigating the source, keep in mind that CVXPY is a work in progress. The only APIs guaranteed to be stable are those discussed in the API documentation. All other APIs are subject to change without warning. Files and symbols that are certain to change in the future are marked “DEPRECATED” in the source.

Finally, feel free to introduce yourself on the cvxpy mailing list, which is for users and developers alike. Use this mailing list to introduce yourself. You can also contact the project leads Steven Diamond, Akshay Agrawal, and Stephen Boyd directly.